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Cheese maker expands capacity with heat exchanger technology

1 week 1 day ago

When a cheese processor wanted to increase production capacity, its first thought was to install an additional dryer, which was an expensive and energy-intensive solution. However, as the capacity of the dryer is determined by the amount of water it can remove per hour, another way to increase overall throughput would be to reduce the water content of the cheese products before drying, so that a larger volume could be dried at one time.

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FDA proposes new FSMA rule for food traceability

2 weeks ago
Spawned by a seemingly unending parade of produce recalls over the last few years, the FDA proposed a new FSMA food traceability rule that demands electronic traceability from farm-to-retail for several food types prone to bacterial contamination.
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When humanitarian food aid makes people sick

2 weeks ago

In 2019, the World Food Programme (WPF), a United Nations humanitarian organization, distributed food to very needy people in Uganda. In March 2019, a major food-poisoning incident occurred in one region of the country, followed by a second outbreak, which occurred in a refugee camp in a completely different area in Uganda. In the first outbreak five people died and hundreds were hospitalized.

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Bayer finds supply chain system to aid in seed traceability

3 weeks 1 day ago

Kezzler, a global provider of supply chain traceability and serialization technology, has signed a master service agreement (MSA) with Bayer to provide track and trace capabilities for seed origins. Bayer—a life sciences company with more than 150 years experience in healthcare and agriculture—and Kezzler have had an existing working relationship for the last four years.

Wayne Labs

2020 State of Food Manufacturing Survey

3 weeks 3 days ago

Constant changes, huge swings in demand or shifts in consumer behavior, employee safety, and a general uncertainty about what comes next are all present in the 2020 State of Food Manufacturing Survey.

Casey Laughman
22 hours 41 minutes ago
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